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The Yorba Linda Arts Alliance Foundation is a non-profit entity. We promote, support and create awareness of the arts in North Orange County- through programs, events, partnerships and cultural alliances. EIN # 82-1964937                                                    



Mission Statement

The Yorba Linda Arts Foundation promotes, supports and 

creates awareness of the arts in North Orange County through

programs, events, partnerships and cultural alliances. 

Good times
Celebration of the Arts


                                         The Yorba Linda Arts Alliance Foundation was founded in
                                         1999 by Gabriella Rollins, a Yorba Linda resident and arts
Gabriella was keenly aware that the Yorba Linda
                                         community was missing an artistic cultural base to promote
                                         and recognize the arts. She actively engaged with the City of
                                         Yorba Linda to create various events and programs to elevate art                                                           awareness.
Today we now have the Yorba Linda Arts Alliance
                                         Foundation to allow her vision to grow even more.


Gabriella Rollins
Director of YLAAF


Neil Caplin  President

  Neil has been involved with the Orange County
  Community Theater scene for the past 35 years.
  His areas of expertise include scenic design and
  construction as well as overall creative 
  In addition to his personal love of theater he is an
  avid supporter of Theater for Youth with the JRAY
organization - a High School adjudication organization
provides scholarships and awards throughout 
Southern California.

 Neil is also a keyboard musician, who spent many 
years as a core member of the band 
Southland. He 
 contributes to the local arts community as a member
 of the Muckenthaler 
Cultural Center, and of course
- the Yorba Linda Arts Alliance 
Foundation. He is the
 owner of the graphic design and marketing firm -
Production House. 


Monica Espejo 
1st, V.President

Monica has been involved with her community for over 25
years. Serving on the Board for the Friends of Children's Library
in HB , The Taste of HB, Placentia Chamber of Commerce,
previous Girl Scout Leader, and volunteering with the YLAAF
for several years. Monica manages an underwriting company and
is a numbers person when it comes to finance and Real Estate. 
She has a passion for the arts.  


Lynne Yauger

Robin Weinberg

Robin has always loved creating with her hands & incorporating
architectural elements in her art pieces & experimenting with new
techniques. She has over 30+ years of ceramic experience.  
We are delighted to have a rounded ceramic artist who has 
a B.F.A. in Interior Design. Throughout her career, Robin has
won awards in shows and exhibits. Participation : OC Fair,
ceramics 1st place, Muckenthaler Cultural Center, AMOCA and 
several events with our organization.



Maria Hemmerlin- Student Advisor

Michael Licari- Music 

Kris Huston - Performing Arts 

Diane Jakubowski - Creative Advisor

Teri Gammalo  - Visual Arts

Connie Romero - Student Advisor

Cathy Lozano- Dance

Gisle Nguyen- Student Advisor

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