Mission Statement

The Yorba Linda Arts Foundation promotes, supports and 

creates awareness of the arts in North Orange County through

programs, events, partnerships and cultural alliances. 


About us

The Yorba Linda Arts alliance Foundation promotes, supports and creates awareness of the arts in North Orange County- through programs, events, partnerships and cultural alliances.


The Yorba Linda Arts Alliance Foundation was founded in 1999 by Gabriella Rollins, a Yorba Linda resident and arts advocate.


Gabriella was keenly aware that the Yorba Linda community was missing an artistic cultural base to promote and recognize the arts. She actively engaged with the City of Yorba Linda to create various events and programs to elevate art awareness.

Today we now have the Yorba Linda Arts Alliance Foundation to allow her vision to grow even more.

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Gabriella Rollins - Director of YLAAF

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Neil has been involved with the Orange County Community Theater scene for the past 35 years. His areas of expertise include scenic design and construction as well as overall creative consultation. In addition to his personal love of theater he is an avid supporter of Theater for Youth with the JRAY organization - a High School adjudication organization that provides scholarships and awards throughout Southern California.

Neil is also a keyboard musician, who spent many years as a core member of the band Southland. He contributes to the local arts community as a member of the Muckenthaler Cultural Center, and of course - the Yorba Linda Arts Alliance Foundation. He is the owner of the graphic design and marketing firm - Production House. 

Neil Caplin - President

Kris Huston - Vice President

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Kris Huston is a grateful mom of three grown boys and hundreds of music students whom she views as her kids too! With a Masters Degree in Theology and a Bachelors in Music and Theater, Kris enjoys serving the North Orange County area through Huston Performing Arts Academy with her husband, Dru, and a staff of incredible teachers. Music, theater, dance and performing has been a part of Kris' life since she was very young and she's excited to be serving on this wonderful Board to help promote the arts in Yorba Linda and beyond.

Father of two daughters, youth minister and community advocate, Joshua Correa creates positive change in and around North Orange County.  After studying at several prominent art colleges, Joshua returned to support the Well of Life church where he advocates for youth, homeless and other marginalized groups in Placentia along with also participating in several other civic committees that serve North Orange County.  Joshua’s artistic talents carry through in children’s books, murals, puppeteering, and fine art.


Joshua now works in partnership with LOT318 to mentor teens and was one of the first tutors at the Cathy Torres learning center on Santa Fe Street back in 1997. Joshua volunteers a large portion of his time which is made possible by the support and partnership within the community through Artist in Christian Testimony International, a fundraising platform for ministry and community transformation. 


Four time National EMMY award winning composer. Music advisor.

Mike Licari

Joshua Correa- Treasure